10% Of Profits Donated to Marine Conservation Charities

The Quick Drying Eco Beach Towel


Our Mission

We strive to create products that work just as well for our customers as the planet we all share.

This means using only natural and organically grown materials on our products & packaging.  We ensure every product we produce will be both fully recyclable and biodegradable.

To do our extra bit for the planet we donate 5% of all company profits to the Marine Conservation Society who work tirelessly to keep our oceans healthy and our beaches clean.

All of our towels are hand woven with love, care and attention to detail by local artisans in Turkey using traditional peshtemal techniques.

Club Kokomo towels are made with GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is better for you and the environment as it is grown without pollutant pesticides and focuses on creating healthy soil. Healthy soil acts like a sponge, soaking up more water during floods and retaining it for longer during droughts. 

We also make sure all our products are Oeko-Tex certified so you can be extra sure there are no harmful chemicals within our products. 

We say no to fast fashion and make timeless products to last a lifetime. 


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When creating our quick drying towels we made sure to put the earth first! The BIG bonus is our customers love them as well!

Our towels are made with 100% organic cotton and feel as soft and light on the skin as they look. 

The quick dry weave & absorbency of these vibrant towels makes them perfect for the beach, bathroom or for travelling.


"I could not love this towel any more if I tried. I love Peshtemal towels and always use them at the beach. I had no clue when ordering how superior quality it was going to be!"

Nicki Bunt

I was skeptical that it would be absorbent enough, so I only ordered one at first. I am so in love, I’ve already gotten my second and will eventually get all the colors. Even my reluctant-to-change boyfriend was an instant fan. 

LaGina Phillips

I bought this to take travelling recently and it was perfect. Good size yet still folded up so small it didn’t take up space in my rucksack. Fab quality and dried really quickly so great for being on the move. The fact it is eco-friendly and some of the money goes to charity is an added bonus!

K Stevenson

I bought this as I needed a towel that packed away easily whilst I was travelling. I also loved the focus on how environmentally friendly it was. The towel was far greater than I expected as it dries you much better than the microfiber towels I usually go for. I would highly recommend this!


Amazing beach towel! I absoultely love the color (I purchased the gray one). Perfect for the beach as well as everyday use. Would highly recommend! I absoultely love the color (I purchased the gray one). Perfect for the beach as well as everyday use. Would highly recommend!

Yenlyly Ean

These are fantastic! They work so well - I can hardly believe for such a lightweight and pack-able towel they absorb so well! We use them in the home bathroom, the beach, the gym, traveling. And NO PLASTIC packaging! I nearly cried when I opened the box to find these sweet recycle friendly packages. Buy a couple and see if you can live without them after - they won me over in one use!

Elizabeth S