Club Kokomo Eco Friendly Quick Dry Towels

Freedom meets fun and ecology meets luxury in Club Kokomo. It's a vision of how the world could be and should be.

Club Kokomo takes its name from a Beach Boys song and gives its name to an eco-conscious way of living. An approach that might seem alternative but needs to be the norm if we're going to keep calling this beautiful blue planet our home.

Founders and partners Dean and Sophie share a love for the natural world. They created Club Kokomo as their way to help protect it.

Everyone can do something to reverse the crises our planet faces. And Club Kokomo products give you a way to do that every day, without drastically changing the way you live.

Club Kokomo launches with the most eco friendly towel you're ever likely to throw down on the sand, rub down your back or drape over your shoulders. And if you're thinking hey, hang on, is my regular towel really damaging the environment?  Well, it could be.

More than just a towel company; the Club Kokomo brand aims to raise awareness & offer solutions to the plastic pollution crisis, especially around the lesser known problem of microfibres. Plus to make an even bigger impact, 10% of all profits are donated to Marine Conservation split 5% to Surfers Against Sewage and 5% to Sea Shepherd.

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