Steph Hudson - Artist Profile

I'm Steph, a print designer for 10 years in various positions in the fashion supply chain; from working in a design studio, direct for brands as well as for large scale suppliers dealing with mills all over the world.

I love my design job but the industry itself is destroying our planet. This really bothers me and I aspire to do something about it!"

From a young age, I have always had a love for the natural world, spending all my free time outdoors, in the woods, mountains and beaches. The more muddy I was when I came home the better time I'd have had! It breaks my heart to see what we, the human race have done to the planet we live on. We have become so selfish and caught up in what we can use and make money from, we have lost our way and the planet and all its living things are suffering as a result. From global warming right down to that bit of litter you accidently dropped and didn't have the time to pick up, we are fully responsible. If everyone makes small simple changes to our lifestyle we can hope to give nature a helping hand to revive herself. It's easy to think "what difference can I make when I'm just one person", and I have definitely felt like that, but it's about making small changes. Recycle everything you can; choose to buy fruit and veg loose rather than in plastic packaging; walk or cycle instead of driving; encourage wildlife into your garden by planting wild flowers, making an insect hotel or putting out bird feeders; re-think where you go on holiday to avoid taking flights; find out about local environmental projects that you can get involved with; sign petitions; write to your local MP. There really is a lot that one person can do.

I loved working on the Club Kokomo Marine Life collaboration as it gave me the opportunity to design for a purpose I feel so passionate about. Looking after the planet and building awareness of how shopping sustainably can make a really big impact. LESS BUT BETTER